Saturday, January 21, 2012

Be Careful What You Wish For

      Wow.  The paper towel germination method!  There have been times that no basil came up from a planting in cell packs.  Well these basil seeds are certainly coming up.

Boy did they sprout,  1/20/2012

A little closer, 1/20/2012
      Whoops, we have a little problem.  The shoots are doing so well, that they have rooted right through the paper towels.  Little white roots on the other side of the towel.  A picture would not really show the roots against the white towel, so you will have to believe me when I say, "I should have done this earlier".  So now it is too late to remove the sprouts from the towel, so we will plant them towel and all.

      With this method, I teased the towel into little pieces, then covered up those pieces with some dirt.  The towel will rot away, and I may try to divide the plants later.

Plan B,  1/20/2012
      Having quickly realized that Plan A was quite tedious, I moved on to Plan B.  I cut the towel into bigger pieces, then placed those pieces over dirt.  Then I sprinkled dirt over the sprouts, trying not to bury them.  If Plan B works, I will have very successfully delayed my greatest time requirement to another day.  Pretty clever, kidding myself.  So easy too.


  1. Wow, George, and my absolute favorite herb has arrived in style. Your sprouts look wonderful. I assume your plan is to plant them to your garden eventually, but I wonder, could the sprouts be eaten already, as in a salad of those productive greens? Your header is worth the jump over here, daily.
    Love your site. oh, I know you're in zone 7A. That could put you anywhere south of mid-country. Happy for you to have such warm weather already.

  2. Dar, I did snitch one the basil sprouts to eat. Was not real basil flavor, as I suspect it needs the dry summer heat to get that great flavor. The next problem will be how to keep the little plants happy for quite some time. I am in Delaware, which may be relatively warm compared to Wisconsin, but it is definitely the cold frames that are keeping the salad greens happy.

  3. Hi 4Bs. I started the basil this early because I did not have great expectations for germination. Thought I might have to try again. But wham, lots and lots germinated. Great pesto comes to mind.