Sunday, January 15, 2012

Park Garden, 1/15/2012

      Here we are at the 15th of the month again, so time for a recap.  It is cold this morning at 11:00 AM, with the car exterior thermometer registering 23 Degrees.  And some wind to boot.  I would not usually open a cold frame in such conditions, yet Cindy wants some greens to top a Taco dip.  So I will try to harvest quickly so as to not freeze anything.

Collards, alive, yet not happy

      The thick stem chinese mustard on the right side of this shot is supposed to be capable of handling temperatures down to 6 degrees F.  The small inner leaves are still alive, but the majority of the leaves do not appear to be edible at this time.  I may end up transplanting some of these into cold frames if some space becomes available.  There are Beedy's Camden kale plants to the left of the mustard.  They too should be alive, but look even less enticing than the mustard.

Oops, the Artichokes don't look happy at all
Egyptian onions await warmer weather
Newest cold frame
Same cold frame, left side
Unprotected bed, mixed greens and garlic
Mizuna mustard, top left corner
      Most of the rest of the garden pictures will be covered frames, as I did not want to expose the plants to the sub freezing air.  This shot is of the transplanted mizuna, and lots of volunteer celery.

Arugula ready to pick when weather improves
Picked from this frame today, 1/15/2012

Last of the frames
Unprotected Tango lettuce

Sleave of lettuce picked 1/15/2012
Nice harvest, 1/15/2012
      I picked the lettuce as quickly as I could, as I had to open up the cold frame.  Saw nary a slug, as they must have been hiding from the cold.  I tucked the bag of greens into my jacket for the walk back to the car, and as you can see, they turned out just fine.

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