Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting the Porch Ready

      With so many seeds sprouting due to the moist paper towel germination success, I need to find more room for plant flats to get adequate light.  Yesterday I was forced to clean up and rearrange the porch to find more spots to put trays.

1/24/2012 before new plan
1/24/2012 before new plan
Shelf rotated to face due south
Table added to take some flats
Full view of western exposure, 1/24/2012
      With this new arrangement, I can fit in about 5 flats.  So in just a little while, I will be full and looking for more space.  Just what gardening is all about.
      The porch has single pane glass, and would maintain a temperature of about 10 degrees warmer than outside temps.  We have an electric heater set to come on at 42 degrees to protect the non hardy plants on the porch. I drop the shades on cold nights for a little more protection. I believe the cooler temperatures on the porch are beneficial to many of the seedlings, as it prevents them from getting "leggy" by growing too quickly.

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