Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Snow is Gone

      The weathermen were correct about the snow melting yesterday, but oh what an ugly rainy gray day.  Today is still gray, but there is a brighter spot in the sky that must be the sun trying to break through.  Not having been to the park garden for a couple of days, I had to go over to check on things.

Ah, the snow is gone,  1/24/2012
The frame in the header above, updated 1/24/2012
I just got the craving for a salad for dinner

      It was time to pick one of these Winter Marvel Bibb lettuce plants that I never harvest, waiting for them to be perfect.  But the heads at home passed that perfect stage without alerting me, so I will not make that mistake again.  The beauty in the middle joined me for the ride home, along with some of the pretty leaf lettuce and a big handful of the arugula.  I stopped at the produce market, gasp, to buy a small container of heirloom cherry tomatoes and a bag of radishes.  Is it dinner time yet?
      Not all of the gardens at the park look so productive.  Actually few do.  After the snow and a day of rain, most of the gardens look more like this:

      I have to pick the route to my garden depending upon the weather.  Today I had to park on the lot by the barn, so I came this way.  And hoped that I wouldn't slip on a muddy path and end up in the soup.  After three years of lots of wood chips on the paths and leaves, leaves, and more leaves on the beds, my garden remains workable even now.  You can see my cold frames in the background in the photo above.

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  1. Lovely Looking salad leaves cant believe that can survive all that cold weather.