Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back Yard Cold Frames Update, January 1, 2012

      What a beautiful day for the first update of the year.  Mid fifties.  But the low for Wednesday morning has now been forecast to be 13 degrees.  That will really put a hurt on a lot of things.  Here are the shots of the back yard cold frames.  The wooden frame saw a lot of die off of the Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, and thus a transfer of some lettuce plants I was lucky to get from a neighbor gardener.

Back yard wood frame, 1/1/12
Trex cold frame, 1/1/12
      The Trex cold frame is really looking great.  And the actual last harvest of 2011 was from this frame, as I went out before dinner to pick one of the Winter Marvel Bibb Lettuce and some other greens for a salad.  So that actually trumped the last harvest at the park.  The bibb lettuce was oh so good.

Right side Trex frame, 1/1/12
Left side Trex frame, 1/1/12
      There is definite growth in the thick stem chinese cabbage from the last update on 12/15/11.  The arugula in the bottom left corner is also doing well, and has even grown from a recent picking.  There certainly is growth in the veggies, allowing for renewal even with harvesting.  I would believe this arugula is the sylvettia type, as it is deeply lobed and has a great kick.

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