Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Strange New Ivy

      Our family just got back yesterday from a short trip to Florida.  Cindy and me, our two daughters and their husbands, and five grand kids.  Four days of Disney parks, constant walking, many smiles, and many melt downs.  Lots of pictures, some garden oriented.  This is a short start, as I want to get over to my park garden this morning.
      Common Ivy or English Ivy (Hedera helix) is quite invasive, and once you start it, you will probably be battling it forever.  Even if you don't start it, it may volunteer and then grow into a nuisance.  But during our visit to Animal Kingdom, I saw a species new to me, Hedera camowomanensis, a quite lovely plant.  Yet it too would wander around your yard were you lucky enough to acquire such a fine specimen.

Camo Woman at Animal Kingdom,  1/28/2012

Camo Womanensis on the move
Too bad, time to move on

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