Thursday, April 5, 2012

Resplendent Radishes

      A google search for the word resplendent yields this entry: Attractive and impressive through being richly colorful or sumptuous.  Pretty much describes a good radish.  Having had great success with radishes last fall, I planted them in force this morning.  Here is what I put in:

      Yes, that could result in a lot of radishes.  Hopefully so.  I have not had great success with growing radishes in the spring and early summer.  They seem to like cooler weather, so I am hoping this early April planting will work out.
      I had fabulous radishes that were planted last September.  Maturing into the cooler weather resulted in plump radishes without the bite from warm weather.  The best radish patch was actually the result of spilling seeds by mistake onto one of the wood chip paths.  Please see one of my posts from last year:

      So hoping to capitalize on last year's success, this morning I planted the radish seeds at the ends of most of my beds, some directly into wood chips:

Radish seeds spread,  4/5/2012
      Some seeds were dropped directly on top of the chips next to this cold frame.  You can see the area planted because it is a little darker in color from having just been watered.

      Some other radish seeds went into this bed with mushroom soil.  Will be fun to see the difference between growing in wood chips versus a standard planting bed.  Another reason for planting at the ends of the rows is that I am quickly running out of space, and these precious little spaces were available.

      These white radishes were harvested on 11/23/2011 from a September planting.  I hope this spring planting is equally successful.

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  1. I am attempting radishes for the first time but still have them indoors. I will transplant them soon since you say the like the cooler temps.