Monday, April 16, 2012

Ground Hog Afternoon

Ground Hog sighting, 4/15/2012
      The rodent in question is right in the middle of this photo.  Luckily for me, this ground hog lives in the bushes by the barn, so confines his raiding parties to the gardens near to his home.  This one certainly seemed to be enjoying his afternoon meal of overwintered lettuce and greens.

Looking for new gardens to annex
Still scoping out the territory
This string won't keep me out
There are going to be nice, new tender crops here :-)


  1. Looks like he is scouting out your new garden! Getting ready to stock his shelves, lol!

  2. One of the pestiest creatures ever. He looks well fed..I hope he stays away from your garden. Their holes can break tractor axles!

  3. Pesky little varmit. I don't think that little bugger would last too long in my garden. They're cute; but not in the garden.