Friday, April 6, 2012

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

      Most often our "15 Minutes of Fame" opportunities are most unexpected.  I was about to leave the park three days ago with an armload of overgrown Pak Choi that was to be lunch for the chicken flock of a new gardening friend Laura.  At that moment, a stranger pulled up alongside the gardens and asked me to hold on a moment.  The guy got out of his car, and I saw that he had both an ID and a camera hanging from around his neck.  I recognized him as Fred Comegys, the very well known and respected photographer from the Wilmington News Journal.  We had a lengthy conversation, and I learned that he was retiring from the paper in two weeks, after a very full 53 year career!  He asked me if he could take some shots, to see if something would turn out for the daily special 360 Degree shot headlining the local section.  Who was I to refuse.  So on this third morning of anxiously checking the paper, voila, there it was.  Here is the link to DelawareOnline.  You need to scroll down over half the page to find the shot labeled Bellevue 360:

      After a very nice conversation with Fred, I took the clump of greens home to await a visit from my two youngest grand daughters.  We took the greens over to Laura's garden, and visited with her flock of thirty chickens, her huge but very friendly Great Dane, and her millions of toad tadpoles in the goldfish pond.

A treat for the chickens

      This is one of the pak choi plants that have gone to seed.  The whole thing goes into the chicken coup, where it disappears in a short time of appreciative cluck clucks by the chickens.  And yes, they love chick weed, and even have added their name to that plant.  So rather than throwing away weeds and overgrown veggies, feed them to the birds.

Laura's happy flock


  1. Congrats George! I hope you enjoyed your moment of glory! Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! Cheers, Jenni

  2. Congratulations! That's great!

  3. I'm very happy for you. I bet it was fun. It is always good to be recognized.