Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Park Garden Update, 4/1/2012

      The first of April is here, and already my garden at the park is full to overflowing.  It will be a challenge to be able to find room for the warm weather veggies.  Though in another month, a lot of the cold weather veggies will have had their day, and be ready to be pulled.

Cold frames open, 4/1/2012
Arugula frame
Assorted lettuce and tatsoi

      This cold frame has various lettuce plants that need a good picking.  The cell packs at the bottom have most likely been cut down by slugs.  The pack at the top with the single leaf was a five pack of purchased kohlrabi starts.  I was going to put them in the ground today, but the voles left just this one leaf out of the two packs of five that I had.  The voles are becoming public enemy number one.  The packs along the top are leeks, obviously not a favorite of the voles.  Maybe this garden should be all onions, garlic, and leeks.

Garlic on left, collards, transplanted garlic
Cardoon and garlic starts
Blooming cole volunteer, spinach, Beedy's kale, and Chinese mustard
Harvestable Egyptian walking onions
Fava bean row
Overwintered artichoke
Overwintered arugula and tons of potential garlic
Overwintered red russian kale and leeks
Overwintered Tango lettuce
Still waiting for the podded peas to sprout

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  1. So, when are gonna write a book on cold framing, George?