Monday, April 23, 2012

Crash Site?

      As I walked out back to my garden this morning, I glanced at my neighbor's back yard.  A little more than a glance, as I was trying to figure out what that weird black thing was right in the middle of the yard.  From a distance, sure looks like a bird crashed and burned right nextdoor.

Neighbor's yard,  4/23/2012
       Now a little closer.

Fickle feather of fate award
      Indeed it was a clump of feathers from a bird mishap.  Specifically one wing with a large bone attached.  A stripped large bone.  You don't need to see that picture close up.  I would have liked to see how the fox managed this one.  His mother must have taught him the benefits of a varied diet.  Sure hope he puts my voles on the menu next.

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