Thursday, November 29, 2012

Second Time Consuming Hobby

New Sheepshead Minnows,  November 29th,  2012
      Many of you don't know that I have a second time consuming hobby that has afflicted me since I was a kid: fish keeping and other small critter keeping.  Having found a great benefit in keeping gardening notes and pictures in the blog format, I have reluctantly started a second blog, George's Bio Lab.  If interested in this new adventure, please drop in for a visit at:
      Gotta go check on the fish.  They love the cold weather when I am not spending soooo much time out in the gardens.

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  1. So, when it comes time to clean the tank, I assume the water goes on the gardens and compost heap. We have an aquarium too, which is having filter problems. Makes for good compost but poor fish production....grrrrr.
    Nice smoker full of Thanksgiving goodies. Another thing we have in common. Hubby does a lot of smoking on the grill.