Monday, December 3, 2012

Bald Eagle on the C & D Canal

      I went down to my daughter's house today to plant some of her cold frames.  The road between her house and my desired route home is closed due to construction, so I decided to take the most direct route, the dirt access road along the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.  Half way along the road, I glanced up in a tree above the road and saw a Bald Eagle.  I stopped the truck to look at him, he stayed put.  Wondered if I could catch him on camera for proof.  He stayed put.  Turns out the first shot through the windshield was fuzzy.  Duh, the camera focused on the windshield.  I wondered if I could get a shot if I just cracked the door open.  Worth a try.  He stayed put.  I took a shot.

Bald Eagle on C & D Canal, December 3rd,  2012

    There he is, see his pretty white head?  Let me crop the picture to try to enlarge it a bit.

      There, that is a bit better.  Now you can see him in all of his glory.  But oh no, I see he is taking off.  Wonder if I can catch him in flight?  Fat chance, so turn and click.

      My lucky day.  Got him.  With a little hand held camera and a lot of luck.  Let's take a little closer look.

      Bye bye beautiful bird.  You made my day.

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