Thursday, August 9, 2012

Trying to Cope With the Heat

      It's official.  It's hot.  July is now the Gold Medal winner for the hottest month in the history of record keeping in America.  Both as a country and in the state of Delaware.  Even gardening in the early morning does not provide much comfort when it is already 75 degrees with full humidity.  Yesterday I was out at about 6:30, and a haze was hanging everywhere.

Hazy walk between rows of tomatoes,  August 8, 2012
Nice big Brandywine tomato on the vine
Haze and Joe Pye Weed at the end of the tunnel

      This is a shot from the corner of the garden.  The two rows of tomatoes are behind the black eyed Susan clump at the right of this photo.  We have been lucky to have had two separate one inch rains in the last couple of weeks.  I try not to water often, especially the flower beds.

Joe Pye Weed
Mixed Phlox

      It is time for breakfast.  More importantly, it is time for some air conditioning.  This has not been a summer of open windows and dinner on the porch.  The expected high today, 95 degrees.  And lots of humidity.  The weathermen said it would feel "tropical".  Duh.  And to think that they get paid for those pearls of wisdom.


  1. Great photos. I really enjoyed them.

  2. Heat is all over the country. I am hoping it helps the watermelons to ripen this season.

    Love your garden!