Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cubanelle Peppers

      I started many different kinds of peppers by seed back in January, and lo and behold, I have had great pepper success.  One pepper that I was looking forward to was the Cubanelle, a sweet pepper that grows long and turns red when ripe.  They have been great in the green stage, but I quit picking them green to get some reds ones.  Cubanelles have thin walls, so I suggested to my wife that they would be a good candidate to stuff raw, then just eat the whole pepper.  So last night, we tried that.

Four Cubanelles, one Carnival Pepper
        I love ground turkey cooked with taco seasoning.  We put the turkey in the Cubanelle shells and chowed down.  Boy was it good.

      The fresh cukes are from the garden, as well as the yellow Dr. Wyche tomato.  And the Cubanelle peppers were sweet down to the last bite.  We be doing this again real soon.


  1. I have a pepper that looks like yours, but I'm not sure because I bought the plants. None of the 24 were listed as a cubanello. Have a picture would like to send it but need a e-mail address. Thanks Ellen

  2. Ellen, Please click on the about me, George (just after the list of followers). You can find my email on that page. Thanks for stopping by.