Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bellevue Annual Garden Picnic

      I was over at the park this morning at 6:30 AM to check on my garden.  It really had not occurred to me that today was the Annual Garden Picnic Day.  So even at that early hour, Brownie was at the park firing up the pig roaster.

Brownie at the pig roasting machine

      Brownie had just started the coals as I arrived.  A few minutes later, they were glowing, and here Brownie smooths them out to make the fire even.

      Jim arrived a few minutes later, and by 7:00AM, the pig was meeting the fire pit.  The pig was cut in half lengthwise, so here goes side number one.

One on
Hey my better half, you be smokin
      Side one was followed shortly thereafter by side number two and the roaster was closed.  But alas, it had to be opened again as Brownie had forgotten to put the head in to roast.  Somehow I missed taking that picture.  Here is the flyer for the picnic:

      By one this afternoon, I hope to be really hungry.  Now let's see.  Roast pig.  Fried whiting.  Jerk chicken.  Those three I know I want to try.  Cindy just made a cucumber and onion salad that we will take over.  It is just now 11:00 AM, so I will post more this evening.  Let's hope it does not rain on our picnic.  Ah, my stomach is starting to rumble already.
      One o'clock finally rolled around, ant the picnic was on.  Food, food, and more food.

Brownie is still hard at work, hours after his 6:00 AM start
One of our nicer weather days
At times it seemed there were more cars than people
As tummies filled, the crowd thinned
       I went home around three, then went back to the park at 5:15 to help with clean up.  Few people were left, and the tables were being cleared.  We had it buttoned up by 5:45.  By 6:00 a light rain, by 6:01 it was pouring.  But we were stuffed and happy.  A good day had by all.  And I got to take a meal of roast pork home.  Thanks Brownie.

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  1. What a wonderful setting for a picnic. I will bet that pork was delicious. Was there BBQ sauce available? What kind do you use?