Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Start to the Fall Garden

      Even though it has not been in the beastly 90's recently, it is still hot and uncomfortable most days in the muggy 80's.  Not even early mornings are pleasant with the high humidity and temperatures over 70.  The gardens and the yard are showing signs of being tired with it all.  Most of the tomatoes and peppers are still doing well, yet is time to pull some failed plants, yank out the weeds, and start anew.

Kale remnants, August 27, 2012

      This bed had the remains of some kale plants that were still struggling through the heat.  I was tempted to cut off the old leaves to see if I could get good new growth, but finally decided the space was too valuable.  So out they came, and in went lettuce and arugula.

        Arugula went in on the right, black seeded simpson lettuce in the middle, and four seasons lettuce on the left.  In another bed, I put in two favorites, Tango lettuce and winter marvel bibb lettuce.  Last year I sowed seeds on August 22nd and still got good results, so I am hoping I am not too late now.  I bought some beautiful lettuce plants this morning to cheat a bit, as it has been a long time since we had any fresh lettuce.  The cole crops were tempting, but I still have harlequin beetles around both gardens.  No point in feeding those little monsters.
       August 28th, AM:  Weeded and cleaned out bed #6 at the park.  From west to east, I planted Beedy's Camden Kale from my own seed collected for 2011.  Next to that was Territorial's Ching-Chiang bok choy, then Fedco's Tenderleaf Hardy Green OG.  Filling out that section was Fedco's Ice Bred Arugula OG and Heirloom Seeds' early Siberian Kale.  In the little square bed at the far east end of bed # 6 went Fedco's Chinese Thick-Stemmed Mustard OG and Territorial's Tah Tsai.  I finished many of the seed packets, at last.  So this winter I will have the pleasure of actually ordering some seeds from the catalogs that arrive.  


  1. Up north, we rarely have the opportunity to replant even the early crops, however, I have had fair luck with radishes and spinach once the ground cools a bit. Not doing it this year. Just too done in.
    I need to downsize my gardens, or Bill needs to. I thought now that the kids are on their own with their own families, that would happen. Wrong. He put in, yet, a third garden by the cabin about the size of 24x30. Whatever makes him happy, makes me happy, til it comes time to put it all up. Harvest time is wonderful, don't get me wrong, but, so much work for this aging gal. I love visiting your small gardens.

  2. I'm going to try some lettuce and spinach outside this weekend. Hope I'm not too late.

  3. George, I had to pull a lot of my swiss chard out this summer, it got aphids so bad from the heat that I just pulled it out. I do have one plant that is hidden under a flower that had a lot more shade so I kept that plant for my parakeets, they love it.

    I will take a cue from you to plant my winter garden and get that going next week.