Monday, May 28, 2012

Perennial Geranium

      The true geranium, Geranium endressii, is a pretty little perennial that blooms here in Delaware in mid to late May.  Some of our Forget Me Nots have moved in right next to clumps of the geraniums, making a nice combination of pastel colors.

Perennial Geranium,  5/28/2012

      Though they multiply by seed, they did it very slowly for me.  The tap root is quite long for a fairly small plant, so dig a big chunk of soil out if transplanting.  They tend to be very unhappy about a move if you whack off half of the tap root.  They will send up a few flowers for much of the summer, and don't suffer too much from a drought.  A very desirable addition to a perennial garden.


  1. I loved mine at first. They were so easy to take care of and made my flower beds seem full and lush with their pretty purple/blue color. After a couple of years though, I have come to dislike it ~ it has become a bully and taken over not only the flower beds, but has started popping up all over in what once was a beautiful lawn! It and the campanula have laid claim to all beds and lawn as their dominion, allowing only some dandilion, clovers and other nasty weeds to join in their rampage! Now I know why, when the gal who gave me that first start, asked me 'are you sure you want this?' I wish I had the forget me knots instead! Other people say theirs behaves like the geranium does for me, but I can't seem to get it to grow. Oh well! such is the life of a gardener ~ full of trial and error and lots of learning! It's all good. :~P

  2. I also have a perennial geranium that I really favorite is the Johnson's Blue, and I one similar to the one you show here. I've tried moving pieces of it, and you're doesn't like to be moved!