Saturday, May 5, 2012

Can't Blame It All on the Voles

      The voles get blamed for most of the destruction of young plants at my park garden.  They are numerous, and they run through and under the cold frames.  So when any young plant gets chewed to the ground, it is easy to blame it on the voles.  Or was until this morning.

Wascally Wabbit, 5/5/12
      Eeks, a baby bunny.  The first rabbit spotted in my garden.  The furry varmints must have thought my garden a tempting green food farm amongst all the freshly roto tilled plots.  And this bed dedicated to beneficial insects looks particularly appealing to a bunny in search of some daisies for breakfast.

      Something has caught his attention.  Yes, that flower stalk looks quite yummy.  Maybe if I stretch out a bit, I can get that really tasty stem.

I think I can
Yummy, what a good one

      The little fella had no fear.  And no end to his appetite.  I would not be so brazen with such a bull's eye painted on my forehead.
      So maybe the voles didn't eat that lettuce the first day it was planted.  I still hate them anyway.  The little bunny is much cuter.  Anybody want a free bunny?

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