Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Artichoke Update

Green Globe Artichoke plant,  5/16/2012
      In my earlier post about spotting my first artichoke, I mentioned that I thought the plants got 4 to 5 chokes in total.  I am thrilled to report that this plant has four beautiful buds.  The biggest one is on the center spike, and there are three smaller ones barely visible on side shoots.  This center one is opening ever so slightly.  Does anyone know if I should pick it now even though it is a little small?  I would rather eat it small than to lose it from over development.


  1. George, we harvest ours in June here in So. California.

  2. Wow! That's a beauty! I don't know anything about growing/harvesting artichokes, but I'm sure a little google search would turn up an answer, or better yet, give a call to your local Extension Agent. If they have a Master Gardeners program, someone should be able to tell you.
    Hmmm. It's almost too pretty to eat! :~D