Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Early May Blooms

      I took a walk about the yard on May fifth to snap some pictures of the flowers that were in bloom.  This morning is gray and rainy, so it makes it nice to be looking at these pictures.

      I love this purple clematis as it has wonderful color, yet is bright enough to really shine.  This plant has is the parent to many surrounding babies.  Though quite popular in my plant giveaway, I think there are still some available.

Same plant,  5/5/2012

      While this clematis is beautiful, the darker blooms just don't grab my attention the way the lighter purple ones do.  Yet floating a flower in a cut glass bowl would be very pretty....

      The Stella de Oro day lily is just coming into bloom.  It has been popular in the giveaway, yet some clumps are big enough still to cut off more divisions.


Yellow Bearded Iris

Native red columbine

      And don't forget the "Forget Me Not".  There are clumps everywhere, particularly in the middle of the beds where taller plants should be.  They would appreciate a road trip.

      Heading around the corner to go to the front yard, we pass a clump of perennial geraniums   

Closer shot of the flowers
      .  What a beautiful flower, and they will bloom off and on over the summer.  They volunteer only sparingly, but are long lived.

Delaware Valley White Azalea

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  1. Your flowers are just a little ahead of clematis has some buds, but no blooms yet. Beautiful!