Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Community Garden Benefit

      For most of my gardening life, I have been a person who gives away the extra daffodil bulbs or tomatoes, or gasp, a bulb or two of garlic.  Now maybe the saying "Tis better to give than to receive" might be politically correct, it is fun to receive as well on occasion.  This morning I picked a bunch of extra scallions and stopped by a gardener's plot on my way out of the park.  His nephew has a plot right next to his, and the nephew has swiss chard planted much too densely.  Would I like to help out by thinning the chard patch?  Well, yes.

Swiss Chard transplants,  5/17/2012
      These were very nice chard plants, probably just the right size to transplant.  The larger ones went directly in the ground at my home garden.  Smaller and bare rooted plants were replanted to cell packs, and placed in the shade to develop a good root system.

Nice new Chard patch
      These plants probably will wilt badly and look like goners, but I expect they will be fine in a couple of days.  I had good luck with some Swiss chard overwintering this year, so I am happy to get these plants.  I did not mention in my blog my earlier disappointment about my Bright Lights swiss chard seedlings.  Had several six packs of beautiful chard coming along.  Put the flat out on the picnic table six weeks ago to harden off the plants.  Are we thinking squirrel yet?  Yep, they had themselves a lovely treat of minigreens.  Right down to the nubs.  The plants have survived by some miracle, and soon will be able to go into the ground to face their next battle.
      But back to the park story.  As I was really, really about to leave, the nephew asked if I liked radishes.  Well, yes.  By 8:30 AM, I had already eaten three small ones from my meager garden supply.  Well, yes, I would love some radishes.  I have had to practice great restraint to be able to put these in the fridge to share with my wife.  Of course I had to taste test one of the small ones.  Was it good?  Well, yes.  It was actually better than good.  Actually scrumptious.  Is it lunch time yet?


  1. Sounds like you hit the jackpot! All those times you shared have come back to you. The radishes look beautiful. I love radish sandwiches!

  2. Very nice of that young man to share his abundance with you! I planted Bright Lights Chard, too, but it hasn't come up yet!! And I haven't planted radishes in years ~ I gave up because they always get wormy and hot! You'd think I could grow radishes! Oh well! I hope the chard comes up soon!