Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Robin Update, 5-18-11

Then and Now

      The caption unfortunately says it all.  The only change to the shot is that there is now a leaf in the nest attesting to the Mama's decision to move on.  So there are still four eggs in the nest, deserted probably a week ago.  It seemed strange at the time that I could be over at the garden without the screech, screech, screech.  I was hoping to be able to show you some baby birds.  Tis not to be this time around.
      Lou's news is no better.  I slipped and slid my way this morning to see what was going on at his garden after a couple of days of rain.  The first thing I noticed, or more correctly didn't notice, was the robin's nest in his chair.  What happened here?

Empty Chair, 5-18-11  

      You can see the nest on the ground right at the bottom of the green stake in the right corner.  We figure the culprit to be a fox.  So Lou was much further along before his disappointment.  The third nest that was built in the tool enclosure was off limits this morning, as it was surrounded by a moat off water from the recent rains.  Clever Mama.  Sure keeps nosy two legged creatures at bay.  I was able to see activity within the holes in the the enclosure.  Evidence that maybe one Mama is still with babies.  Apparently it is tougher to raise birds than veggies over at the park.


  1. It must be hard to raise birds. Back at my parents, they had a robin's nest and it had two eggs. For some reason both ended up on the ground two days apart. There was no way they could have fallen out of the nest. Hope your robin finds the third time a charm.

  2. I couldn't help but hum "Circle of Life" while reading this post...