Thursday, May 12, 2011

Robin Update, 5-12-11

Lou's nest, 5-10-11

      Lou's Mama robin takes her job quite seriously.  She still sits on her nest with the neighbor gardeners only feet away!

Lou's baby birdies, 5-10-11

      They are growing a little bit.  Hard to believe they leave the nest only two weeks after hatching.  One shell is still evident in the nest, though we can't tell if it is a piece or a whole egg.

My nest, 5-10-11

      I am still waiting, mama is still wailing.  My garden is not getting the attention it needs or deserves.  Since the first egg was observed on 4/29, I am expecting some birth activity in my nest tomorrow.  I checked today on the 12th, and still have the four eggs.

Lou's nest, 5-12-11

      Lou's babies are putting on a little size now.  There is one unhatched egg still in the nest.  If it does hatch, that baby is going to be way behind.

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