Saturday, May 7, 2011

Leek and Potato Soup?

      Every year I follow the same routine.  I plant leek seeds in some small container.  A few come up.  They don't look like much.  They get ignored.  Then ignored some more.  Lo and behold, a year goes by, they survived the winter in their little container, and the plant cops should be tracking down yours truly.

Small leeks, 5-6-11, seeded in 2010

      From this unintended yet repeated experiment, we can conclude that leeks are tough little beasties.  And probably should be entitled to a better fate.  Yesterday I had finally gotten around to wanting to plant some beans that I had started on the porch.  But there was a leek in the way.  A solitary leek that had self sprouted from some other leek attempt in the past.  Certainly couldn't be a big problem.  Wrong!
       This was no ordinary leek.  This was a leek that had something to prove.  Leek and potato soup?  This was a leek who wanted to prove he could be THE LEEK in leek and potato soup.  No support cast necessary or desired.

Monster leek, 5-5-11

Leek excavated, 5-5-11

      After his removal from the garden by shovel and brute force, the bed was now ready for the planting of beans.  But the leek will be fondly remembered.

Leek on kitchen table, 5-6-11

      You had better believe I asked for permission to film Mr. Leek on the kitchen table.  Permission was granted.  Ain't he a beauty?  This next shot shows the new crop of leek seedlings ready to be planted.  I already told you about the routine.  But seeing the results, this year I intend to get these babies in the ground.  Oh what a harvest to anticipate next year.

Replacements ready, 5-6-11

      So now for the scrumptious part.  Anybody have a great recipe for Single Leek and Potato Soup?

Ready, willing, and able,   5-6-11

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