Saturday, December 29, 2012

Northern Delaware Greenway Trail

      The Northern Delaware Greenway Trail spans 9 miles of northern New Castle County from Fox Point State Park on the Delaware River to the Brandywine Creek and the City of Wilmington.  The trail cuts through Bellevue State Park where my community garden plot is located.  Today I took the car over to the Blue Ball Barn area, to take my walk in the Alapocas Run State Park.  The walk cuts through gorgeous stretches of woods down to the Brandywine River.

Welcoming start to the walk
Into the woods

      The understory leaves of the younger beech trees is incredible at this time of year.  The coppery leaves appear as if they are a second forest within the towering trunks of the other deciduous trees that have lost their leaves.  The beginning of the walk makes me think of strolling through a natural cathedral.

Down I go toward the Brandywine River
Abandoned Bancroft Mills

An historical marker
And another marker
      This overlook of the old mills is at the half way point of my walk this morning.  So I double back by the old quarry, which is a rock climbing site by permit.

Old Alapocas quarry
A rocky tributary to the Brandywine, probably Alapocas Run
      Just at this point, the snow started coming down.  The walk back through the woods was accompanied by the quiet chatter of snow falling through the trees.

Just  one stretch of the uphill climb home

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