Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Turning up the Heat

      Today starts a stretch of four days of scorching heat.  Supposed to be 97 degrees today, 100 tomorrow, and three more in the nineties after that.  I was out to the park early today, where my volunteer sunflowers are just starting to bloom:

Pollen on leaf just under sunflower
Jack and the sunflower stalk
      It is only June 20th, and this volunteer sunflower is already taller than the seven foot stake right next to it.  Is that seven foot stake too much to hope for the little tomato plant at its base?

      The Gloriosa Daisies are just starting to bloom at home.  They are very sparing in their self seeding efforts, so I really appreciate them when they do pop up in the garden.

First of the Gloriosa Daisies,  6/20/2012
Day Lily from plant give away
Orange Tetraploid Lily from plant give away
Tomato beds,  6/20/2012
      I dragged the hose out to the garden to water this morning before it got too hot for me to stand the heat.  It is not even 9:30 AM, and I suspect that I am mostly done for the day.  Here is a bed of 16 tomato plants, with peppers planted in front.  Behind is a second tomato bed with onions planted in front.  I have a bunch of basil plants that will probably get tucked into the second bed.
      There is activity again in the wren house.  I had intended to clean out the first nest, but now we have the case of a remodel rather than a new construction.  The birds have been doing a fine job keeping down the insect pests.

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  1. Wow...your tomatoes look happy! We're not far from you, and are feeling the same weather...wish I could say we were done for the day! :) It's on days like this that we're especially thankful for a shower in the evening. There's one field of hay to bale before that, though. Stay cool!