Thursday, October 27, 2011

Travelin Gardener

      My daughter Barb and her husband Rob are both so busy with little things like life, jobs, and three children, that they have not had time for important things like planting the cold frame.  Actually cold frames, three nice ones.  I can't let an asset like that go to waste, so yesterday the truck and I took a little trip south of the canal to wrestle weeds up close and personal.

      The frame in front became my target, as it had nothing of value growing in it.  The second frame is full of rambling cherry tomato plants that are still productive.  The third frame is full of cherry tomato plants, though I did not see much fruit.  The first and third frames were closed all summer, yet the plants survived in that heat.  Can't figure that one out.  Though the heat probably prevented the tomatoes in the third frame from setting fruit.

Frame prior to weed removal

Bed weeded and compost added

Pop Pop brought along his starter veggies  
Ah, much improved, 10/26/11

      Well, that is a nice start.  One down, to more to grow.  The top row has Beedy's Kale, and thick stemmed chinese mustard.  The second row has pink stemmed kale, and some more chinese mustard.  The second to bottom row is various lettuce plants, and the bottom row is frisee and Tango lettuce, as both of those will stay short.  Now if only I had a Pop Pop to help with my gardens.

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