Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ah, Fall Gardening

      At last the fall gardening season is upon us.  Cooler temperatures enjoyed by both the plants and the gardeners.  Still a thousand things to do.  Construct new cold frames, thin and move the fall veggie starts, haul more mushroom soil, then haul more wood chips.  Keeps me out of trouble.
      I was over to the park garden early yesterday, shortly after the sun was brightening the sky at 7:30 AM.  By 8:30, the sun was just peeking over the tops of the oak trees and dappling beautiful splashes of color on the veggies.

      The light green lettuce in the middle above is Winter Marvel Bibb Lettuce by Fedco seeds.  It makes beautiful little head lettuce for a single salad.  Almost too beautiful to eat.  The germination was pretty spotty, so I need to separate and replant the ones that did come up.

      This beauty above is a chinese cabbage, also known as napa cabbage.  It is just beginning to form the tight interior head.  It will have a very mild flavor, much lighter than head cabbage.  This is one of several volunteers around the garden, hopefully the Tenderheart Hybrid from Territorial seeds.

      Above is Tah Tsai, a chinese green.  Lots of Tah Tsai.  Soon enough to pick as the main ingredient in a nice salad.

      Only a couple of nasturtium plants survived germination and transplanting early in the year.  But these thrived.  They need to be harvested for their peppery leaves.  Quite a kick.  But soon, as they are very frost sensitive, turning into a sloppy mess in even a light frost.

      The block to the right above is arugula.  I am harvesting some of the small leaves now.  Have been thinking about installing motion activated cameras to protect the crop from two legged varmints like my two daughters.

      The light green lettuce is Tango, by Fedco.  Absolutely gorgeous, quite cold tolerant.
      Simply Scrumptious.

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