Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Snow!!

      It's crazy.  It's October, the leaves are still hanging on to most trees, yet it is snowing.  A Noreaster is moving up the coast, with places in Maryland and Pennsylvania having received 10 inches of snow!  I still have peppers on the plants out back, and was going to pick them if this weather wasn't quite so yucky.  Two nice big Dr. Wyche tomatoes are still on the vine.  But instead of nice Indian Summer weather, we have white slush.
      Luckily there is a bit of cheer.  My Bird of Paradise that I've had for 25 years is faithfully performing its fall or winter ritual of beautiful bloom.  The show is just starting as it will continue to unfold as the days go by.  It is a ray of sunshine.

Bird of Paradise, 10/29/11

      You can see the Pin Oak tree in the background.  Most of the leaves still on the tree, yet it is snowing.  I wonder what the park garden will look like tomorrow.
      5:00 PM update.  The slop has turned into all snow, so it is not as bad to make the trip back to the garden.  And it was worth it to rescue these peppers if we get a freeze tonight.  In the bucket are assorted sweet peppers, and there are two plants of cayenne peppers pulled by the roots with the peppers still attached.  When the plants dry off, I think I will hang them in the porch for awhile.

Last of the pepper harvest, 10/29/11


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