Friday, March 25, 2011

Survivors, Too

     On March 9th, I did a blog on survivors, those plants in this area that wintered over on their own.  Tough customers they are.  Here are a few more additions that have been spotted in the meantime.

Radicchio by my compost pile, 3-24-11  
Mild tasting mustard, my Bellevue plot, 3/24/11  

Curly leaf kale, my Bellevue plot, 3/25/11
Garlic, my Bellevue plot, 3/25/11
Self seeded carrots, my Bellevue plot, 3/25/11
Leeks, John V's plot at Bellevue, 3/25/11
Spinach, John V's plot at Bellevue, 3/25/11
Tango Lettuce, my back yard, 3/25/11
Parsley, my back yard, 3/25/11
 Leek, a volunteer from my back yard, 3/25/11

1 comment:

  1. Holey moley! I didn't know leeks looked like that. What do you do with a leek?