Saturday, March 19, 2011

A few planted

From porch, 3-18-11
        Some things in this flat were ready to plant.  The frilly Tango Lettuce is quite hardy, and was planted in front of Little Marvel peas that just went in.  The Pak Choi in the bottom right hand corner went to fill some holes in a cold frame bed at the park.  The top right hand corner section is Red Stem Dandelions which will go back home, as a patch is doing nicely at the park.
        The remaining four six packs on the left are two packs of Early White Vienna Kohlrabi and two packs of Pacman Broccoli.  They went unplanted into a holding cold frame to get some more size.  After a nice day of weather yesterday in the mid seventies, the weathermen are teasing us with the possibility of a snow storm mid week.  Most planting plans just hit a major slowdown till things settle down a bit.  With a low projected of 31 tonight, the glass will go back on the frames this afternoon.  Spring.  Fits and starts.   George

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