Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beans and peas

Fava beans, 3-17-11  

     I like to start all of my beans and peas in flats before planting out.  It allows me to see if the seeds germinated, and eliminates the stage of the birds or mice eating the seeds.  These plants are fava beans, a bean that gets to be much the size of a lima bean.  The plants actually like cool weather, and thus have already been put in the ground on March 17th.  If anyone has a clue as to how to eat them, please let me know.  I would continue to plant them now if only for their ability to fix nitrogen.  They have been planted with cabbage as seen below.  The cabbage and beans will have to fight over the space, a common occurrence in my gardens.  The cabbage plants were started by Willie, but given to me by Bob King.  If they attain only half the size that Bob's grow to be, they will be great.

Cabbage and Fava beans, 3-17-11

Little Marvel peas, 3-17-11

      The Little Marvel peas went in where they can be easily trellised.  I had sworn off growing English podded peas, as being too much trouble for too little yield.  I don't know what made me plant them last year.  But I did, and they were DELICIOUS.  Shelled to a bowl, eaten raw like peanuts.  Not a one ever made it to a pot of boiling water.  So English peas are back on the menu with their equally wonderful cousins the snap peas and snow peas.

Little Marvel peas, 3-17-11

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