Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fourth of July Tomato

      How often do you get something that is better than advertised?  I bought a Burbee's Fourth of July Tomato plant this spring.  I thought I would try one plant as August first or later is often my start of the tomato season.  Well when I checked on the progress of the plant last week, I was shocked and pleased to see a tomato ripening!  Not willing to let birds or slugs or deer get the first tomato of the year, I picked the little devil on June 26th.  Yes, in June.

First Tomato picked June 26, 2015
      And oh so scrumptious.  Not like a mid August Black Krim, but not like anything I have had in eight months.  The plant is a hybrid, so I won't try to save seed, but I will certainly look for the plants again next year.  As an indeterminate tomato, it has been said to produce well into October or November.  I am going to root some cuttings to aim for that late crop.  I may even try to bring in a late plant to try to have stems for rooting next year.

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  1. That first tomato of the season is always such a treat! My plants have only just started to flower, so I am still a long way away from my first taste of tomatoy goodness.