Tuesday, June 2, 2015

English Podded Peas

Mixed Bed, June 2,2015
      Back in February I bought a little 8 ounce container of fresh, shelled English peas.  A much enjoyed extra in February.  Maybe twelve or more peas had stubby extensions that appeared to be roots starting to form in the peas.  So of course I saved those peas to go in dirt in cell packs.  And whoopee, they sprouted and made little pea plants.
      In March, space was at a premium to stuff holding on over the winter, so I put the plants in this little bed that has a short one foot tall rabbit fence.  The kale and broccoli starts on hand also got planted.  A veritable free for all, with space opening up as the peas and broccoli get pulled.  For now it is a beautiful exuberance of attractive green.

Two pea pods in the center

      This shot has a little side shoot of broccoli in the middle, with a couple of pea pods to the left, and curly kale leaves with rain droplets.  Simply scrumptious.

Peas picked June 2, 2015
Most pods had eight peas!
Tonight's haul
      Years ago I had concluded that it was a waste of time to try to grow peas.  Too much space required, just buy the peas frozen by the pound.  Well luckily, we tried eating some raw, and a taste sensation was born.  Now we cherish every single one of these peas, eaten as a special treat.  I am even hoping that I have missed some pods that will have peas to use as seed to start the process all over again.

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  1. I have often found sprouted peas inside the pods, especially if it was raining before I harvested the peas. Never did save them for replanting, though. Congratulations! I adore english shelling peas, but they are SO much work!