Friday, July 5, 2013

You Know It Has Been Wet

      You know it has been wet when even the gardeners at the park quit using the back access road.  You know it has been wet when you have to drain the plant saucers of excess water that begs mosquitoes to lay their egg rafts.  You know it has been really wet when your dog creates rooster tails running across the back yard!  Even after a day of no rain.

Rice at the park!
       You know it has been wet when a gardener at the park has actually planted rice!

       And you are certainly allowed to complain about the incessant rain when even Accuweather agrees with you and confirms the obvious.  It was wet.  An all time record June wet.  And good old Wilmington was right there at the top.  Nearly 14 inches!  Enough already.

Actual Rainfall Totals From June 1 to July 1 Compared to the Percentage of Normal Rainfall

CityRainfall Total (Percentage of Normal)
Wilmington, Del.13.74 inches (342%)
Raleigh, N.C.10.80 inches (296%)
Hartford, Conn.12.07 inches (271%)
New York City, N.Y.10.94 inches (242%)
Philadelphia, Pa.10.81 inches (304%)

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