Friday, July 5, 2013

June Floods, July Flowers

      Aren't April showers supposed to bring May flowers.  Well this year June torrents have brought in July flowers.  I won't even mention the July weeds!!  Well maybe just a little.  Lots and lots of July weeds.  A never ending supply.  With the ground so wet, at least the weeds pull easily.

Porch View,  July 5th, 2013
     We have been really enjoying the view from our back porch this year.  My garden is in the foreground, our neighbor's yard is in the back ground.  The color schemes match because a great deal of their plants have come from my garden.  That was not a planned thing, but the result sure is pretty.

Not raining, but terribly humid
Moth Mullein
Volunteer salvia and purple coneflower

      And this last one is cleome, my wife's unfavorite plant.  Left to form seed pods, it will go invasive in a year.  Left to grow tall, it will develop thorns as a self defense.  But tenacious thinning of babies will keep its numbers in check.  The pom poms behind the cleome are the leek scapes.  The scapes if left to mature the seeds, will fall over and may start tons of leeks.  But that is a good thing.  Easily self perpetuated leek beds.

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  1. July weeds...that's for sure! But thank goodness the flowers are growing as well! Your flower gardens are beautiful!