Sunday, June 23, 2013

Savoy Cabbage Harvest

      Some critter, probably a rabbit, had snipped off one of my four Savoy Cabbage starts that I had put in my park garden in the spring.  The plant tried to make a comeback, but the head was going to be quite small. Yesterday I noticed that some critter had eaten half of that small head (probably a vole), so it was time to harvest the good heads before they got chomped.

Isn't she pretty?
The other two good heads
I will grow Savoy Cabbage again
Red Cabbage still needs more time

      Here are the three heads of the Savoy, one of which was sliced in half.  We ran the one half through the food shredder along with a complete smallish head of regular green cabbage.  Added carrots sliced and my own Walla Walla onions diced.  Cindy made a vinaigrette dressing with some of our fresh parsley, then it was into the fridge for a few hours to cool and mix.  With some pork chops and buttered boiled potatoes, it made for a fine summer dinner.


  1. This sounds good! I never heard of savoy looks like the heads are a little less dense than regular cabbage. Does it taste similar?

  2. Alica, thanks as always for comments. Savoy cabbage, by comparison, is milder and sweeter, making it not only a good fit in salads, but also a much preferred alternative in just about any recipe that includes cabbage. That statement was quoted from: The savoy is less dense than green cabbage, and much prettier with its crinkled leaves.

  3. wow gorgeous!!
    I love savoy cabbages, they are by far my favourite to grow and eat and handle the first couple of snowfalls well. Were trying out January King this year, I am excited!