Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cabbage Looking Good

      I had planted four cabbage plants in a bed, then surrounded them with onion starts.  Wondering if the onions might ward off evil spirits and cabbage moths.  One of the cabbage had his top eaten open, probably from voles.  Another one had some rot, so it got tossed into the compost pile.  The other two were somewhat passable as food, but as I peeled off leaf after leaf, I continued to find pill bugs, centipedes, and even earthworms.  Finally got down to two decent cores which I put in a tight bag into the fridge.
      The Savoy cabbage and red cabbage that are still in the ground are much more attractive, and have little apparent bug damage.  Maybe the answer is to grow the weird cabbage.  These are totally organic, with no pesticides or even fertilizers used. 

Savoy Cabbage, June 18th,  2013
Red Cabbage
      Now what do I do with the cabbage?  If somebody has a cherished recipe for coleslaw or any other preparation of cabbage, I would love to try it.


  1. Hi I'm a quiet reader from Northern Michigan. For years I have been surrounding my cabbage and broccoli with onions and have kept the worms down to a minimum. I plant a 24-36" bed with the brassicas down the middle and the onions flanking on the sides and endsI plant close and thin as I need onions. I have found the trick to be make sure I do not plant the onions too close where they get crowded out and therefore, a breach in my defenses. I have tried scattering onions down the middle of my kale bed, but that has not worked as well

    1. Marcy, thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment. I think growing the brassicas along with any sort of flower or aromatic vegetable or herb would help to throw off the cabbage moth smell radar. and confuse the sight of a great big cabbage waiting to be landed on.