Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Still Pickin

      The tomatoes over at the park are nearly finished except for an occasional Chocolate Cherry.  Yet in the back yard garden, many are still in decent production.  I believe it is the result of 30 years of organic additions making the soil not only hold water better, but yet not compact so as to also drain better.  Best of both worlds?
      We went to a party Saturday morning and I wanted to take something.  What better than a selection of tomatoes and peppers picked that morning.

Morning harvest, 9/17/11

      The big yellow tomato is Dr. Wyche, a most welcome volunteer from last year.  I am trying to save seed this year from three different tomatoes from the Dr. Wyche vines.  Just below and to the left are Brandywine tomatoes and just below and to the right are Cherokee Purple.  The dark cherry tomatoes to the right of the Cherokees are the Chocolate Cherry tomatoes.  The little tiny ones to the right of the picture are unknown annual volunteers that I like to think of as Wessie do tomatoes, after my Grandson Wesley who loves to pick them.  Basil, bell peppers, Cayenne. and an unknown pepper round out the harvest.  Simply scrumptious.

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