Sunday, September 25, 2011


      It will soon be time to put garlic cloves in the ground for the crop for next year.  It can be done for another two months yet, so I am in no hurry.  Last fall I planted a lot of small garlic bulblets from the top of the curly seed heads.  At harvest time in June, the plants  were too small to pull, then dried and got lost to view.  But now they have come back on their own, so I have lots of garlic already started!

Garlic in two beds, 9/25/11

Garlic and kale, a natural pairing

Garlic clump

      I had wondered what would happen if I missed a garlic head at harvest time.  Shouldn't it make multiple garlic plants from each clove?  Sure enough.  Moving the dirt away shows the multiple cloves that have developed from just a single clove planted last year.  I suppose the individual plants should be separated and replanted with better spacing.  One more thing to do.

Each clove is growing, they should be split

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