Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simply Sunflowers

      Cindy and I just got back yesterday from a ten day trip to Spain and France.  It was a wonderful trip, and was an absolute relief to get off the plane upon our return.  The gardens here look fine even after a ten day neglect.  Obviously lots and lots of catching up to do, both in the garden and blogging areas.  So without a clue as to where to start either area, here are a couple of cheery shots taken on a drive through the countryside of the Aude area of Southern France.

Sunflower field near Alzone, France  6/30/2011

      Agriculture is very big in the Aude Department of Southern France.  There are vineyards and wineries everywhere, including in the small village where we stayed.  We passed many sunflower fields on our car journeys, with this field being the farthest along in bloom.  The sunflowers are used to make sunflower oil.  So here is a sunny start to catching up with gardening and blogging.

Sunflowers, Southern France, 6/30/2011

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