Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's About Time

     It's about time.  My patience has run out.  The forecast is for warmer weather, so I have to see what is going on in the cold frames.  To the park!
Bellevue Plot #84, 2/13/11
    Things are melting, just a bit.  I had cleared the snow from the top most frames yesterday, but was afraid to clear the snow from the middle frames for fear of breaking the glass.  Two days ago while taking some pictures, I stepped on the straw on the bottom most frames, and heard a crunch.  Yours truly probably breaking his own cold frame.  Duh.  Insulated so well by the straw that I stepped on the snow, then crunch.  I tried to clear away the straw today, but it is frozen to the glass.  Straw on top of the frames may not be the way to go, yet the final verdict will need to wait until the frames are cleared.  Using the little trowel, it was time to clear away the snow. 
      Carefully.  Without stepping on any mores glass panels.  With the snow cleared, it was easy to remove the plastic bags from within the middle row of frames.
     Wow.  The plants look pretty good.  Maybe even grew a little.  Even the spinach looks good.  Who knows, maybe I will hit the perfect fifteen minute window for spinach this spring.  Before the slugs and bugs get it, or before it bolts.  Just maybe.

    The soil within the cold frames was soft and pliable.  Outside of the frames it was difficult to get the pitch fork to even penetrate.  The straw within the top frame was difficult to get out, and lots of green leaves from produce were lost in the attempt.  So score one now for the plastic layer inside the frames.
     It was beautiful to see the green.   George

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