Monday, February 14, 2011

Ex-Seedingly Cool

      A friend had called a couple of days ago, and teased me by saying that he had something to give me.  Said I would most probably enjoy it.  Left it hanging.  So the day comes, and it is a big brown box.  With a huge smile on his face, he opens the box and shows me seeds.  Glorious seeds.  I spent the afternoon thinking about the fun I would have that evening going through my new treasure.

    The box was pretty heavy, ah, that would be from the three 4 lb boxes of organic fertilizer.  The rest was seeds, all for the year 2009.  Well within my date range, as probably a third of my seeds are still that year.  I have been discarding 2007, and look askance now at 2008, but 2009 is fine to me.  Most of the seeds are from "Heirloom Seeds" of Pennsylvania.  They should mostly (excluding cole and curcubit crops) be varieties whose seeds I can collect and expect to breed true in years to come.

     What is this thing?  Any guesses?  I found it about three months ago at a warehouse place that sells used furniture from estate sales.  Knew immediately that I had to have it.  Was not deterred in the least by the $2 price tag that my wife thought was highway robbery for another piece of junk that we didn't need.  Didn't need?  Here was the perfect seed sorting machine ever invented, and it fell into my lap for only two dolla.  Couldn't pass that up.  OK, for you youngsters out there, there used to be a technology of sound recording to cassette tapes.  This was a box that could be attached to a wall to house your modern tune library.  And I guess CD's are now dinosaurs to the Ipod.  Don't know how to even use an Ipod.  I was just getting to like CD's.

     So bingo, bango, after about 1/2 an hour, there is some method to my madness.  Lots and lots of new seeds to play with, many new to my growing collection.  I am going to start Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard, American Flag Leek, America Spinach, and De Cicco Broccoli in just a few minutes.  The only thing missing from the $199 invoice, was one box of the fertilizer!  The friend had been asked to get rid of this stuff at the recycling center.  Recycled they will be.
     Ex-Seedingly Cool.   George



  1. Oh, are those nasturtium seeds I see in there? I love nasturtiums, I sow them all over the place. Sometimes they even re-seed, if the winter is mild enough.

    Sounds like you're having fun in this mild weather! Enjoy your sowing!

  2. Shannon, Yes there are several packs of nasturtiums. I love those as well. Have never had them self sow yet. Last year was just so-so for my nasturtiums. Too bad, as they taste so good. Can have a very wicked peppery kick to them. I will need to sow a lot of them. George

  3. Nice one George! What a nice surprise. If only the pack came with another few square metres of growing space...