Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Atta boy, Tatsoi

      I love the look of the low growing Chinese green known as Tatsoi.  It is very cold resistant and is great for cold frame growing as it does not get much taller than 6 inches to a foot.  If you let it throw flower spikes, it may even self seed for you.

       This is a volunteer.  So what you say.  This was not a transplanted volunteer, but rather popped up in the dirt that I used from my compost pile.  The pepper planted in this pot died, but this volunteer tatsoi has thrived.  And for that effort, it has won a place in the salad to be made for the Thanksgiving feast.
       I bought this neat growing pot this spring.  Bought three different sizes, three gallon, five gallon and ten gallon.  The handles make them pretty easy to move around.  They are made from fabric and recycled plastic bottles.  The manufacturer claims they have a life span of five to six years.  I bought mine from this link:

       I bought the brown bags which are said to last the longest time.  Have been very happy with them. They would also make a great tote in the garden for harvesting veggies or even for collecting weeds and trimmings. These are known as the "Root Pouch".


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