Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Organizing the Seeds

      I have tons and tons of seeds.  And in many places.  Old seeds, new seeds, labeled seeds, and nearly useless unlabeled seeds.  My paper towel project was a start to test the viability of some of the older seeds, so I could see what to keep for next year.  This project is an attempt to get them all in one organized spot.

      The pile on the left is total seed chaos.  The seeds were kept in a box that had no internal dividers. Paper bags containing seeds were all battered.  The soda sleeves on the right are 5" by 5", and a box I found from a holiday delivery was a perfect 15" by 15".  I cut that down to a depth that I thought would be correct, then cut the soda boxes down to 5" tall with the fourth side 6" tall.  That will allow me to write a label on the taller 6" section.  After putting the seeds in some order:

      Wow, that is much better.  Nine little boxes fit snugly in the big box, but are large enough to hold a lot of seed packets.  There are squash and cucumber seeds in one box, lettuce and various salad green seeds in another, herbs in one, and flower seeds in another, etc.  Something accomplished on a snowy day.
      Did I mention that the price was great for this organizer?

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