Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lettuce Bonus

      I have lost track of the last time I visited or tended my park gardens.  Weeks at the very least.  I got a call this morning from the gardener who tends the plot next to mine.  He told me there was harvestable lettuce at the back of my garden, and he wondered if he had thrown some seed back there.  This is part of what I found from my visit.

Park Lettuce, 11/10/15
      Wow, I was able to pick enough for a salad tonight, as this was just part of the plants. And no, he had not scattered the seed. Instead this is a result of my having been lazy and leaving in the spring crop. It went to seed, germinated, and now is providing me with a free surprise lettuce bonus.  I hope to transplant some to cold frames to extend the harvest even more.
      Instead of calling this lettuce by its name Black Seeded Simpson, I will prefer to think of it as Self Seeded Simpson.


  1. I just found some self-seeded lettuce in my garden too! I guess I really ought to make a salad out of it instead of just looking at it! :)

    1. Alica, it sure was tasty to have some fresh salad greens. Bet you are having some of this mild fall weather near Lancaster.

  2. Oh, those are the best kind of garden surprises!