Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fabulous Fall

      The new fall weather is delightful.  It is a joy to be out in the garden without sweat salting on my glasses.  Lots of flowers are in, and harvests of tomatoes and beans are still going strong.  The following pictures are all from September 23, 2015.

Cosmos with Striping
Beautiful Speckled Zinnia

      The shot above is of Mexican Butterflyweed.  It does indeed attract butterflies  And aphids, yuck. If you look very closely at this picture, there is a Soldier Beetle on the flower, near the top.  He is sitting horizontally with his head to the left. Thanks to the soldier, this plant is probably aphid free.

      Grapes?  Don't I wish.  This is American Beauty Bush, which get these pretty little purple berries.  When the winter is cold and long, the birds will strip the bushes.  Natural bird seed.

     Last winter was long and hard.  Killed the canna lily bulbs.  But not the seed.  So the canna lilies are back in full force, and attract hummingbirds all day long.  I would like too find more attractive canna flowers, but this variety has been with us for a long, long time.

      These cherry tomatoes are probably Sweet 100's.  Here is a closer shot:

      These are Sungold Cherry Tomatoes.  Beautiful mixed in with red cherries and Chocolate Cherries.  This plant is a volunteer growing up into the Dr. Martin Lima beans.
       Well, that is enough for now.  Every plant shown is a volunteer.  It is nice to have free plants, but you need to pull them where they start to takeover.

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