Friday, March 6, 2015

Planting Time Soon ???

Morning of March 6, 2015
      The calendar indicates that plantings of peas, potatoes, and onions should begin soon.  As in outside planting.  A look at the garden this morning might suggest a little caution.  Adding to the problem is that I have not yet started any of my other seeds!  In prior years the porch has hundreds of seedlings on trays.  Yet this morning was nine degrees!

      Maybe I'll have another cup of coffee.  Then try to decide if I should at least pull out the seed supply as a feeble attempt to start this year's gardening.


  1. We must have had the same storm! Sooooo ready for spring weather. I think next week it's to be in the 40's all week, and then we'll have mud.

  2. Started my seeds in five two liter soda bottles and one milk jug so far, this was done on a very cold wet day in Georgia. Sure hope spring is three weeks away!!

  3. Yup - in the same boat over here. I have some seeds started indoor but when I'll be able to even see my beds outside is anyone's guess.