Monday, October 6, 2014

Gaggle of Gourds

      Two days ago I decided it was time to harvest the various winter squash.  The squirrels had gotten to a buttercup that had fallen and chewed a hole into the side as big as a tennis ball.  Well I got involved with something else, and....  You guessed it.  They got one of my only two remaining buttercups.  Duh.
      So I just picked everything.  Just to be safe.  I don't know if squirrels eat swan gourds, but just tasting them would ruin the gourds.

       From the top left: five round gollo squash (round zucchini), a buttercup squash, a small pumpkin, a hardened crook neck squash, a squirrel nibbled Marina Di Chioggia, and my five swan gourds.

      This harvest was added to other stuff previously picked.  Hope the squirrels don't get mad and chew through the screen.  Would be a bonus to find something hiding in the garden as I pull the vines.


  1. Those are some amazing gourds!! What do you plan to do with them all?

    1. The swan gourds are just ornamental, and make interesting pieces when painted. Or made into bird houses. First I have to dry them properly. The other winter squashes will get eaten over the fall and winter. The crook neck squash became ornamental when allowed to develop a hard skin.

  2. I love how the swan gourds look like they are all singing together, heads pointed to heaven. You have a great collection there. Love the colors with the tomatoes, it would make for a great still life painting.